About OpenRemote

Started in 2015, OpenRemote is a professional open source IoT project, whose ambition is to overcome the challenges of integrating many different communication protocols and data sources into a single, easy to use data management solution. The OpenRemote platform integrates all data, sensors, and controls to access them centrally; transforming data into information and supporting the design of customised (mobile) applications for client projects. OpenRemote also offers clients the services to assess their challenges and design, build and manage their IoT applications. Our 100% open source solution can be applied to the management of any asset class, such as vehicle fleets, energy systems or crowd management; helping buildings, cities, airports, hospitals, and many other sectors to become smarter.

We follow a Professional Open Source methodology. It means that top contributors usually end up participating in the company, first as contributors, then as consultant or business developers, then as full time employees and owners. The OpenRemote core team consists of the following people. We invite you to get involved as well.

Meet Our Team

Pierre Kil

CEO & Business Development

Richard Turner

CTO & System Architect 3.0

Don Willems

Product owner

Martin Peeters

Full stack development

Eric Bariaux


Igor Rutka

Data science & AI

Jérôme Vervier

Full stack development

Rainer Hitz

Protocols & Automation

Marcus Redeker

Protocol Agents

Michał Rutka


Michael Rademaker

Back-end & Consoles

Robin Dekkers

Front-end development

Remy Berden

UI & Motion Design

Isaac Martin

Field support

Marc Fleury

Advisory Board & Co founder

Nathalie Mason

Advisory Board