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OpenRemote presents a robust open-source IoT platform for system integrators to manage their buildings and real estate. OpenRemote provides a solution for integration of existing gateways or directly linking devices. For reliable service and integration with non IoT protocols you can install OpenRemote as gateway on premise, integrating multiple systems for energy monitoring, security, lighting or access control. Your service organisation can build dedicated dashboards to manage alarms in a single environment or create dedicated apps for your clients.

Manage your buildings

You are assigned the task to operationally manage your customers real estate. As buildings are getting smarter, comfort is increasing while the technology becomes more complex. Your customers expect a flawless experience: a well heated working place or home with a low energy bill, a safe environment without unexpected visitors, and utilities, whether water or lighting, always available when needed. As an integrator you are looking for a unified way to manage all these systems and be on top of it with your service organisation, without a vendor lock-in by a single supplier.

Connect your real estate

By using OpenRemote, you can connect up all your customer sites, office buildings, industrial estates, residential buildings or retailer chains. As every site is different you need the flexibility to link to the specific solutions of each customer either linking their cloud providers or locally integrating their BMS systems or individual devices. Leveraging OpenRemote’s protocol agents and integrating with local gateways or by running OpenRemote as an edge gateway you can connect any existing local system to your central service organisation.

Unified approach to services

Thanks to the flexible asset type builder and the build in dashboard capabilities, you create a unified interface for your service organisation as well as your customers. Dashboards include visualisations and control options in an intuitive and human readable way, because your customers need transparency. Your service organisation has an overview of all sites and quickly switches between locations always through a similar workflow. They streamline their tasks and are efficient and effective as your customers are expecting.
Out of the box data analysis page for connected devices

Data analysis and reporting

Analysing the collected data is a critical aspect of a building management system. Using the integrated Insights dashboard, you can use a wide variety of widgets to analyse the behaviour of each of your buildings, providing you with maximum control over your portfolio. Using this customisation, you can use the dashboard feature to monitor every single aspect of each square meter, by defining Key Performance Indicators with the flow editor and the dashboard, like normalised energy consumption or occupancy rates.

Start building your building management system

To get started with OpenRemote for your building management solution you can either contact our team to configure, develop and host a complete building management solution for you, or you can build it yourself using our open-source solution, with no hidden fees. To continue, please check our GitHub wiki and find community support. Start your own 100% open source building management system.

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