Ooma Home Security


IoT Device Management Platform – Ooma

The Challenge

Ooma is delivering a home security solution to its customers. While developing the product and defining the best software architecture, they searched for the best open source solutions and discovered OpenRemote. Today, the OpenRemote software is part of the Home Security solution which Ooma is delivering to the US market.

IoT Device Management for Manufacturers

Managing IoT devices can become complex for Manufacturers distributing large numbers of products to customers, whether for your installer, distributor or service manager.

The OpenRemote IoT Device Management Platform connects and controls different all your devices, using auto provisioning combined with MQTT broker, or its Edge Gateway. More importantly, alerts are set to monitor optimal performance as well as unexpected behaviour. Notifications are send to installers or end users to take action.

A dashboard for you as Manufacturer, and mobile apps for installers and end users. All can be tailored to your specific context and identity, and hosted in your own secure environment.

Use cases