Strijp-S Smart Lighting


Smart City and Mobility – VolkerWessels

The challenge

Public lighting, parking systems, vehicle chargers, air and groundwater quality, sound alerts, and weather are just some of the vertical solutions installed at Strijp-S. It makes maintenance harder by the day. The challenge is to actively monitor all systems, keep maintenance efficient, and automatically notify individual service providers. By connecting the monitoring and control of assets in a single platform workflows are improved and even new applications build with dynamic lighting.

Strijp-S with asset markers

Strijp-S application on smartphone

Insights on the go

Staff has a continuous view of all assets relevant to him or her. Alerts are set to receive notifications in case of abnormal behaviour. A mobile application allows for ‘insights on the go’ and immediate control of eg. lighting. Whether parking manager or area maintenance, you all have your own tailored application.

Strijp-S Dashboard

A dashboard view gives the area manager an overview of the current operational situation in his area. The insights dashboard offers an overview while each individual asset can be monitored and optimised. Charts show historical behaviour and controls allow to immediately tune systems, eg. wayfinders, or public lighting.

Smart Lighting Control

The Strijp-S platform controls all public lighting at Strijp-S. The general lighting is not just controlled at sunset and sunrise, but individual lights can also be controlled based on any sensor input even in full color. With the many festivals on Strijp-S, event organisers can use the APIs to fully control individual lights and temporarily make them part of their festival experience.

Connecting Sources

Air quality sensors, public lighting, parking systems, soil monitoring, and sound camera’s are all connected via the respective management layers, or via gateways, using OpenRemote’s configurable protocol agents. If needed event managers can integrate individual lights making them part of their stage lighting. And of course, all protected and shielded, using the Account management and Identity service.

Smart City and Mobility

Schematic of gateway and asset connection structure

Managing digital assets in a city can become complex for the responsible departments, whether parking manager, lighting manager, security, or the maintenance department.

The OpenRemote IoT Platform connects and controls different vertical systems, using configurable protocol agents or its Edge Gateway. More importantly, alerts are set to monitor optimal performance as well as unexpected behaviour. Notifications are send to professionals and systems are activated.

A dashboard for a domain manager and mobile apps for staff on the ground. All tailored to your specific context and identity, hosted in your own secure environment.

Use cases