Auto provision devices, multi tenancy white labeling, When-Then, Flow or Groovy rules, custom apps

The 100% Open Source IoT Platform
for Manufacturers and Integrators

Connect your product to the
OpenRemote Open Source IoT Platform

Overcome the challenges of integrating devices and data sources with our easy-to-use asset and data management solution. The 100% open source IoT platform lets you control devices, visualize data, and create customized applications. OpenRemote offers OEMs, device manufacturers, integrators, and governments the services to design, build, and manage their IoT applications.


Integrate all your data, sensors, and controls to access them centrally.
Connect any device or data source for asset management in a single interface. Use the built-in tools to process data and create rules for asset maintenance.


Design any application for your unique project and create a smooth workflow.
Transform your data into information and create applications that fit the workflow of your users. Define automated actions and messaging with the platform’s editors.


Visualise and analyse your data to gain new insights and always stay in control.
Compare assets and evaluate their behaviour over time with the data visualisation dashboard. Generate reports to measure the progress of your project.

Popular domains

IoT Device management

Monitor and control all your distributed products in one platform. Use that same interface to create maintenance rules and notifications. Improve product performance. Give thousands of users access to their devices.

Energy management

Optimize your local energy network to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your savings. Connect PV panels, electric vehicles, buildings and batteries and the system will strive for high self-consumption and autarky.

Smart City & Mobility

Combine data gathered by devices such as vehicle counters, computer vision systems, parking garages and microphones to create a complete picture of the traffic and crowd flows. Use rules to be automatically informed of hotspots.



A professional team! Our software teams have worked closely together and managed to jointly develop a complete solution and delivering on time. They even helped us on our architecture choices.”

Afshin Daghi

VP Software Ooma

“A very professional team which is helping us to enter the IoT-world. They know what we need to achieve our targets. And we like the fully open source approach as it doesn’t create a vendor lock-in.

Felix Friedrich

CEO Unicorn Energy

“I have never seen such a complete solution before. A very professional team with a good focus on the end user needs. They managed to design us a specific application based on their platform.”

Erik Trapman

Project Manager Ministry of Defence

Glad that you are 100% Open! Many companies Open Source only a part of the product and have more features or adjacent products with only a subscription thereby crippling the usability of the product.”

Erik Schaeffer

Developer Sfella

“We were impressed by this team. Thanks to their guidance towards all suppliers and domain expertise, we manage to create an effective and user-friendly solution that addresses our specific needs.”

Peter Swart

Program Manager Energy Management City of Arnhem

We like the look of your interface and rules engine. This and the 100% open-source nature of OpenRemote’s IoT Solution, the total transparency it offers, was a key selection criteria for us.”

David Boman

Product Owner DigiNav

Case Studies


City of Nottingham
Nottingham City County renovated its Eastcroft Depot site, installing V2G chargers, solar panels, and a battery storage. With an agile tariff electricity contract they now optimise their fleet charging, targeting the lowest energy bill. More about the use case
Koninklijke Marechaussee
The Dutch Military Police integrated OpenRemote as the platform for their border control solution at Amsterdam International airport. Read more about the use case
City of Arnhem
The City of Arnhem has public chargers providing electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Arnhem uses OpenRemote as the Energy Management System. More about the use case
VolkerWessels is an international construction company. It runs their Strijp-S public lighting control as well as the city data platform over OpenRemote. More about the use case
Digita Powergrid IoT, a power line monitoring solution for TSOs, is a cloud service which visualizes and provides alerts from overhead power lines using smart Line Sag Sensors. More about the use case
Kersten Retail
Kersten Retail supports the energy transition of large industrial and retail clients. It offers high quality technical knowledge in the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. They offer design, engineering, project management and technical management. More about Kersten Retail

En juin 2023, une colonie inhabituelle du sud-ouest de la France fête ses trois ans Lovegra est-il recommandé pendant la grossesse ?. Alors que les résultats pour les patients sont encore à l'étude, le projet a déjà une longue liste d'attente de clients potentiels.

City of Amsterdam
The City of Amsterdam is exploring with OpenRemote and Resourcefully how to create a scalable solution for load balancing across districts, to reduce network congestion. Read more about Amsterdam
Transport for London
Transport for London joined a European consortium which applied OpenRemote to build an energy optimisation solution towards their Acton Works site. More about TfL
City of Mönchengladbach
The City of Mönchengladbach is building and testing use cases to proof out how a city data platform can benefit both the city as well as its residents. Read more
City of Eindhoven
The City of Eindhoven used OpenRemote to integrate the city website with their mobile app, in addition to creating a specific app for waterway safety. More about the use case
University of Minho – Centro Algoritmi
The University of Minho uses OpenRemote for research studies within the Centro Algoritmi. More information
IBIS Power
IBIS Power offers PowerNEST, an urban power solution for high rise buildings, combining wind and solar power. PowerNEST systems are connected to PowerNEST Cloud service for monitoring as well as optimisation of self consumption for building owners. More about the use case
Ooma is offering home security systems, for which it uses the OpenRemote platform as well as support from our development team with integration. More about Ooma Home Security
Trust, a well known brand for home automation had to migrate their existing device management platform from a third party supplier to an in house solution. More about Trust
Smart PSA
Smart PSA, develops smart clothing for firefighters and police forces. The Smart PSA cloud platform Floriax complements the logistics, by overviews of forces, control of devices, setting alarms and integrating with third party systems. More about Smart PSA
Sfella by Mioto
Sfella by Mioto is a solution to prevent Legionnaires’ disease by regular flushing of showers. The Mioto platform allows for monitoring and reporting all installations. More about the use case
A-Electronix supports agriculture device manufacturers developing gateways for their farming solutions. Using the OpenRemote platform both distributors and farmers have access to their machines, to monitor performance and optimise output. More about A-Electronix
Philips Lighting
Philips Lighting together with TU/e researched pathways through which exposure to dynamic lighting might defuse escalating behaviour in the entertainment district Stratumseind. More about the research