100% open source IoT platform


Integrate any Thing

Data availability is not a problem anymore; the key challenge is combining data to create meaningful connections.

OpenRemote Protocol agents or Auto provisioning allows you to integrate different data sources, and devices. Whether connected through generic HTTP, MQTT, specific protocols like KNX, or automatically through auto device provisioning, you can focus on the business application.

Connected Things are translated into an asset and attribute model, which is the first step towards transparent integration with your application.

Design your interface

OpenRemote comes with an easy-to-use Manager interface that also lets the non-technical employees and customers analyse data and create automation rules. Your engineers can use the Manager to connect, configure and maintain the assets in your system. The Manager can be customized to fit your brand and hosted on your own server in minutes.

If the Manager does not fit your customers needs, you can develop your own application that communicates through the Manager API. To get you started we offer a library of web components that fit any framework. These web components can also be used to share public data collected with OpenRemote on your website.

Manage & Protect

Keep tabs on your project by setting Key Performance Indicators that you monitor on the data visualisation page. Give your customers controlled and restricted access to the Manager so that they can view their own assets. All asset communication and stored data is fully secured, whether hosted in the cloud or on-premise.

The 100% open source code prevents a vendor lock-in for you. Any developer can pick up the code and continue working on your system. Read more about our open source approach.

The OpenRemote Manager

Asset management page of IoT platform

Asset Management

Details on all your gateways, devices and data sources. Assets can be fully customised by adding new properties and characteristics relevant to your project.

Simple UI tool to create smart IoT rules

Automate actions

With rules you can process and manipulate data to create new information and you trigger actions and alerts based on attributes values. Advanced users can write their own automation code.

Data visualisation tool for connected IoT devices

Data visualization

On the insights page any data source or device can be compared in time and with each other. The created page can be used as a comprehensive report on the status of your project.

Map of all devices in your system

Location services

Geographical overview of your assets and their current values. Modify the map to fit your area of interest and make use of geofencing to trigger alarms or send notifications.

Create roles with permissions to apply to users

Multi tenancy

Create large number of users which all get controlled access to their assets. Use Realms, Roles, and Restricted user access for fine-grained access management. Your individual customers can register an account and add their own device.

Mobile asset management app

Mobile app

For installation, monitoring and maintenance it is important to have access to your assets while in the field. Using the OpenRemote app to access the Manager gives location-based messaging options.

Made for dynamic projects

Map of all devices

Auto provisioning of devices

Automatically generate assets in OpenRemote as new devices register and connect, using X.509 or HMAC device provisioning. No manual action is required after the initial set up to make your ecosystem grow.

Log page of asset events

OpenRemote as gateway

Set up stand-alone gateways with the required logic at your project locations, and keep the overview and control over the gateways in a central Manager. This ensures a robust system while maintaining direct access.

Mobile asset management

Edge device firmware updates

Manage firmware updating of edge devices and keep version in sync with OpenRemote assets. Based on your OpenRemote role, you can manage new firmware rollouts, using our integration with Hawkbit.

Functions & Features

OpenRemote Manager covers a wide range of functions. We have listed them for you below. If you don’t want to scroll through lists, just try the Online Demo or Watch the Video.

User & Management Apps
  • OpenRemote UI components
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Console for iOS 10 and higher
  • Console for Android 5 and higher
  • Web Console
  • Console and Web Push notification
  • Console Geofences
  • Client/Console APIs
Assets & Attributes
  • Configurable asset and attribute structure
  • Asset location tracking
  • Linking attributes
  • Health Status Provider
  • Manager MQTT, HTTP and Websocket APIs
Protocol Agent Support
  • ArtNET/DMX
  • Bluetooth Mesh
  • Edge Gateway
  • HTTP
  • IKEA Tradfri
  • KNX
  • MQTT client
  • MQTT server
  • OR Controller 2.5
  • Serial
  • Simulator
  • SNMP
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • Velbus
  • Web socket
  • Z-wave
Manager APIs
  • Websocket API
  • MQTT Server API
Manager Rules & Messaging
  • Rules engine for automation
  • Groovy, When-Then and Flow Rules UI
  • Download & upload rules, live deploying
  • JSON and Flow Rules Object Model
  • Prediction & Optimisation Models
  • Messaging service for push, notification, e-mail
  • Notification configuration options
Edge Gateways and Devices
  • OpenRemote as Edge Gateway
  • Interconnect Gateways with Central Manager
  • Auto provisioning devices, e.g. Espressif ESP32, Nordic nRF9160, TI ESP8266
  • X.509 or HMAC Certification for Device provisioning
  • Edge Device firmware updating (Hawkbit)
Realm and Account management & Security
  • Multi realm/tenant solution
  • Account management & ID service
  • Multiple users and roles
  • Create and Forgot password flow
  • Access rights: public, private or restricted
  • Security OAuth
  • Link to Active Directory
Hosting & Service options
  • Docker images
  • On premise hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Hosting as a Service
  • Edge Gateway on ARM64